ERP System For Food Companies

ERP Food manufacturing

The food manufacturing process is a complex and demanding one. There are a lot of moving parts, and things can often go wrong. That’s why an ERP system is essential for food manufacturers.

An ERP system can help food manufacturers keep track of all the different aspects of production, from raw materials to finished products.

BatchMaster Software offers food manufacturing arrangements that will assist your organization with smoothing out activities and putting up your items for sale to the public, quicker and more price accurately while following perpetually severe FDA administrative commands.

Throughout recent decades, ERP frameworks have been a basic part of the innovation scene of food organizations.

If you want to improve your business or manufacturing applications then an ERP arrangement that gives you the flexibility, responsibility, dependability, versatility, and detectability usefulness you want to quickly and beneficially develop your business.

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Food Manufacturing Applications

  • Procurement
  • Quality assurance
  • Production control and planning
  • Finished good
  • Quality control
  • Inventory management
  • Finance management
  • As per World Health Organization – Good Manufacturing Practices & schedule
  • Sales and distribution

Most Common Benefits Of ERP Food Manufacturing

  • Improve customer service
  • Superior outlook of your business process
  • Better cooperation
  • Increased inventory control
  • Benefits of scalability
  • Powerful security

Introduction Of BatchMaster ERP

In our live seminar, we will exhibit various key cycles upheld by our start-to-finish ERP arrangement, which is accessible on-premise and in the cloud. Quality, production, traceability, compliance, formulation, planning, costing, inventory, and mobile MES and WMS.

How does BatchMaster respond?

BatchMaster Software offers an extra cycle producing an application that runs with driving financials, as well as a start-to-finish ERP arrangement that supports interaction fabricating, financials, deals, buying, store network, and client care.

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Main Components Of ERP System For Food Manufacturing 

Finance ComponentsLogistics & ManufacturingCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)





Taking orders








Human Resources (HR)Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Working hours

Attendance records

Performance reports
Payment to employees

Payment of taxes
Raw material

Intermediate products

Finalized products



Major Reasons Why Food Companies Need ERP Systems

In short, we know that this ERP system leads so many benefits to business, especially in food manufacturing companies.  Some major reasons are given below:-

  • We have such a large number of calculation sheets
  • We require superior programmability
  • We desire to decrease mistakes
  • Now is the right time to combine our information and get continuous data
  • We require to obtain ISO accreditations so we can proceed into new retail
  • We have zero ability to see what’s going on on the shop floor
  • We desire to grow the worth of our firm
  • We desire to expand our organization
  • Our current frameworks don’t finish the work

Difference Between CRM and ERP

ERP stands for enterprise resource planningCRM stands for customer relationship management
Business managementCustomer management
It supervises enterprise processIt supervises interactions of the customer
Frictionless the procedure supervisionStreamlines the retail campaign
SCM supply chain managementSales funnel management
It is a supersetIt is a subset
It’s the pivot on decreasing costIt’s the pivot on growing sales
ERP is used by marketing, service, support teams, and salesCRM is used by warehouse teams, accounting, shop floor
ERP be in charge of payables, invoicing, manufacturing, accounting, inventory, and many moreCRM be in charge of sales opportunities, marketing, support activities, contacts, and appointments
Manage human resourcesPrioritize leads
ERP Food manufacturing



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