How To Lose Weight 7 POUNDS In 7 Days

How To Lose Weight 7 POUNDS In 7 Days


How to lose weight 7 pounds in 7 days. Healthy food is very important for good health, Nature has produced all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, and other foods. we must use these blessings to stay healthy. Healthy eating is no longer a choice but a necessity, so it is important to know how beneficial what is being eaten is.

Creation is a masterpiece like the creative condition of human nature. The knowledge of the subtleties of human machinery that is revealed, by the way, strengthens the faith of every intelligent person in the HOLY essence of GOD almighty.

What is Sirt Food Diet?

The Sirtfood diet was issued in 2017 in the U.S and this diet plan is to help you “lose seven pounds in seven days”. Sirtfood diet based on sirtuins research, a group of proteins that regulate many functions in the body. Diet has two easy to-follow-phase


There are two phases include…


Phase1 includes lasting for 7(seven) days. we are going to discuss the first three days, you should have one full meal rich in Sirtfood and three Sirtfood green juices a total of 1,000 calories. On the other hand, if we are discussing four to seven, you should increase your calorie consumption by 1,500 by having two meals daily and two green juices.

Phase 2:

In phase2  include a 14-day phase to help you lose weight steadily. You can eat three Sirtfood rich meals every day, plus one green juice.

Using this diet plan you can improve muscle building, health, improve your memory and also help the body better control blood sugar levels. Weight loss was most noticeable around the abdominal area participant rarely felt hungry. We introduce a menu that will help you lose weight.

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 Menu For How To Lose Weight

In breakfast 1 cup green tea, 10 red grapes, cereal of your choice(2 of your SIRT 5 a day), In Lunch kale and stilton soup(3 of your SIRT 5 a day), In dinner beef and broccoli (2 of your SIRT 5 a day). This menu includes a total of seven portions of the Sirt Food Diet a day.


Green teaCoffeeCocoaRed wine




All dark berriesApplesDates, lemonPomegranate


Dark leafy greens BroccoliRed onionCelery


ParsleyOreganoPeppermintThyme, basil



Precautions For How To Lose Weight

Before you start a diet plan, keep in mind that you should not only lose weight but also control your body and prevent obesity in the future. And when you make your body balanced, then you must have practical training in your diet and your exercise so that there is no weakness in your personality…..proceed, eat more “Sirtfood”.

How To Lose Weight 7 POUNDS In 7 Days

After following this diet plan will make you physically stronger, you will lose weight and you will be able to live a prosperous life with a healthy weight. Any weight loss from following the diet plan could likely be chalked up to eating minimum calories, the highest amount of fiber, and consuming more food according to the recommendations.



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