Texas Double Whopper: Nutrition, Ingredients & Taste Review

Texas Double Whopper

Satisfy your hunger with the Texas Double Whopper! It’s a hearty and flavorful burger perfect for any craving. Packed with juicy beef patties, crispy bacon, and tangy BBQ sauce, this Whopper delivers a true taste of Texas. Indulge in the ultimate burger experience today!

The whopper was introduced in 1957 by burger king. Burger King co-founder James McLamore created it in the chain’s first restaurant. At first it was originally sold for 37 US cents. Nowadays most whoppers sell for $3.50. It may vary according to different locations.

As humans, we are often captivated by extraordinary things. Such as encountering a large burger. A rival restaurant in Gainesville, Florida was famous because of selling an oversized burger. McLamore decided to do something similar. As he believed that the success of rival’s lay in offering outsized burgers. He conceived whopper, a burger whose name evokes images of grandeur.

Texas double whopper was first introduced in 2006. It is a burger variety from burger king. It becomes unique by adding bacon, mustard and jalapeno peppers on classic whoppers.

Nutrition Facts Of The Texas Double Whopper

The nutrition facts in 1 serving of burger king Texas double whopper are given below

Amount Per Serving% Daily Values
Total Fat70 g90%
Saturated Fat25 g125%
Trans Fat1.5 g
Cholesterol195 mg65%
Proteins63 g120%
Total Carbs55 g130%
Dietary Fibres5 g18%
Sugar13 g
Sodium2590 mg113%

How Long Would It Take To Burn 1060 Calories?

Texas double whoppers contains 1090 calories most of which comes from fat. To burn these calories, you would have to run for102 minutes or walk for 286 minutes or bicycling for 147 minutes.

Ingredients In Texas Double Whopper

The list of Texas double whopper ingredients is given below:

  • Sesame Seed Buns
  • Mayonnaise
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Bacon
Two Flame Grilled Beef Patties
  • Jalapenos
  • Onion Rings
  • Pickles
  • Yellow Mustard

These ingredients slightly vary by location, method of preparation and changes in menu offerings.

Quality And Sourcing Of Ingredients:

Burger king is dedicated to quality policy to ensure that its services always satisfy customers and meet their expectations.

Burger king doesn’t make any compromise on quality of ingredients. It uses 100% natural beef with no filler and avoids any type of preservatives and additives.

Taste And Texture

Customers like the bold and savoury flavours of Texas double whoppers. Flame grilled beef patties have a rich meaty flavor, the melted American cheese, smoky bacon, spicy jalapenos and tangy-sweet contrast of creamy mayonnaise creates a very satisfying and unforgettable experience. The onion rings add crunch that increase the overall richness of Texas double whopper.

The Texas double whopper is such a delicious and satisfying burger with a good balance of crunchy and soft elements. The beef patties are juicy as well as tender. The cheese is melted and so creamy. The bacon is crispy and crunchy. In short, we say that each ingredient has its own role in enhancing the taste and texture of Texas double whopper.

Texas Double Whopper And Your Diet

  • Calories: Normally you need approximately 2000 kcal per day. Texas double whopper contain 1090 kcal. This number is half of recommended daily intake.
  • Fat: Total fat intake ranges from 55 to 78g per day. Texas double whopper contain 70g fat. This amount is almost equal to the recommended value.
  • Protein: A person who weighs 75kg consumes 60g proteins per day. In other words, the normal amount of protein is 0.8g per kilogram of body weight. Texas double whopper contain 63g protein which is a significant amount.
  • Sodium: WHO suggest to intake less than 2000 mg sodium per day. But Texas double whopper contain 3000 mg sodium which is more than suggested value.

To incorporate Texas double whoppers in your diet you have to consider the following steps. As we mentioned above Texas double whoppers contain high content of fat and sodium so you need to keep these things in your mind before placing order.

  • Portion control is very important in this regard. Try to order a smaller size Texas double whopper or share it with your friends or you can also save half of it for the next meal.
  • Moderation is the key. Excess of everything is not good. If you intake taxes double whopper on a daily basis then it will cause serious complications with the passage of time. Limit your consumption to special events or treats.
  • You can customize your order according to your balanced diet. Like you can reduce high fat and sodium content by holding cheese and bacon and by preferring low calorie sauces.


Texas double whopper is beloved item in burger king’s menu list. Its Flame grilled beef patties have a rich meaty flavour, the melted American cheese, smoky bacon, spicy jalapenos and tangy-sweet contrast of creamy mayonnaise creates very satisfying and unforgettable experience. The quality of ingredients is also top notch. You can enjoy your meal without worrying about quality of ingredients. Taste and texture of Texas double whopper left a long-lasting impression, enticing you to come back again for a mouth watering experience. But remember do not exceeds from limits. As indulging too much can also have its drawbacks.



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