Weight Gain Lexapro Can Help Your Health

Weight Gain Lexapro

Weight Gain Lexapro, the brand-name form of escitalopram is a prescription medicine that action is used to treat depression and anxiety. Lexapro belongs to a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which work by increasing the amount of serotonin. Serotonin is a natural substance in the brain that acts as a mood stabilizer.

In this article, we discuss

  • How Lexapro Deals With Your Depression And Anxiety?
  • Take Lexapro
  • How Lexapro Affects Body Weight?
  • Do You Overcome This Weight Gain?
  • Other Side Effects Of Lexapro

How Lexapro Deals With Depression And Anxiety?

How Lexapro Deals With Depression And Anxiety?
How Lexapro Deals With Depression And Anxiety?

Action: Escitalopram Inhibits the Reuptake of Serotonin, essentially increasing serotonin levels in the central nervous system. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters. It deals with mood swings. You believed that a low level of serotonin in the brain is linked to the symptoms of depression.

Reuptake is a   process where a neurotransmitter (serotonin) is reabsorbed after it has performed a function. Essentially removes that serotonin from the CNS.

More Reuptake = Less Serotonin

So now, how does Lexapro work remember Lexapro is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor so Lexapro inhibits the reuptake f serotonin, essentially increasing serotonin levels in the central nervous system and it does so selectively meaning it increases the serotonin levels while having little to no effect on other neurotransmitters.

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2-How To Take Lexapro?

  • Dosing: 5-10mg/day can be steadily increased to 20mg/day (healthy adults)
  • It takes once a day with or without water.
  • The best time to take Lexapro is in the morning and evening.
  • Lexapro takes 4 weeks to work it also depends on the patient’s medical condition, response to treatment, and physical health.
  • Lexapro is also available in liquid form.

3-How Does Lexapro Affect ?

Long-term use of antidepressants like Lexapro is associated with a sustained increase in the risk of weight gain over at least five years,  a study was disclosed in The BMJ. The outcomes show that patients prescribed any of the 12 most commonly used antidepressants were more likely to experience weight gain than those not taking the drugs. How it works is shown below,

  • Make increase carbohydrate cravings.
  • Histamine/Serotonin receptor increase appetite.

That’s the reason weight increases while taking antidepressants.

4-How Do You Overcome This Weight Gain?

How Do You Overcome This Weight Gain?
How Do You Overcome This Weight Gain?

These Are The Ways To Overcome Weight Gain Lexapro

Increase Uptake Of Potassium

Large amounts of potassium in your food prevent fatness. According to a report in NDTV Food, by shifting to a potassium-rich diet you can curb excess fluid retention, build muscle, balance electrolytes, and aid metabolic recreations. Leafy greens, beans, nuts, dairy foods, and starchy vegetables like winter squash are rich sources of potassium.

Eat high-fiber food

Rich fiber food helps control sugar levels. It also keeps your liver active. It helps you feel full without consuming a lot of food. Berries, Avocados, Popcorn, Whole Grains, Apples, and, Dried Fruit are rich in fiber.

Intake Less Sodium

Consuming a significant quantity of sodium leads to short-term weight gain. Taking massive amounts of sodium causes fluid retention, and as a result, a person gains weight. carrot,  cauliflower, broccoli,  cabbage, beet, Apples, guavas, avocado, papaya, mango, carambola, pineapple, banana, melons, and pears are rich in sodium.

Consume More Water

Water improves the normal functioning of many body organs. A Lake of water makes you bored and tired. Drinking a sufficient quantity of water increase the rate at which our liver burns off fat.

If you want to lose weight, you should drink a minimum of eight 8-glasses of water per day. However, to get the process moving, drink half your body weight in ounces each day. Ice cold water also helps in weight loss because your body has to work harder to warm the water up, therefore burning more calories and helping you to lose weight.

Eat a Healthy, Periodic Meal

As all the antidepressants increase your appetite, as a result, you eat more and more and get fat. So you should eating a small, frequent meal can aid in fulfilling the appetite, fixing blood sugar levels, and delivering nutrients to the body throughout the day. Slighter, more frequent meals in your daily eating habits also can support a more efficient metabolism correlated to a slower metabolism when meals are missed. A productive metabolism enables your body to use carbohydrates, protein, and fat to fuel the body.


The best way to get rid of fat is by exercise.


Walking Preserves lean muscle mass which increases calorie burn. Calorie restriction alone will lose muscle as well as fat. Walking Reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. It improves your mood.


2 LBS = 140,000 STEPS= 7,000 CALORIES = 70 MILES


There is a good study that yoga may help you manipulate stress, boost your mood, and inhibit emotional eating. Yoga can also help you burn calories.

150-300 calories = 30 minutes

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is another way to get rid of being overweight.

15 calories = 1 minute

200-300 calories = 15-17minutes

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  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Difficult breathing



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