What is Health and Fitness?

Health and fitness are two broad terms but in different ways.

Health is a broad term that will differ from person to person. Health can include being free from injury and disease. Health is the absence of disease both physically and mentally. World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of

“finished mental, social well being, physical and absence of disease or infirmity”.

Our bodies are organized to increase health through adjusting and adapting changes through a process called homeostasis.

Fitness is a term of being physically active and results from general nutrition and proper conditioning. E.g some humans are naturally active in their job, not only those who work in the fitness industry like trainers, instructors, athletes, dance teachers but also that careers such as bike courier, agriculture work, fire fighting, and landscape gardening.

What Makes Us Healthy And Unhealthy? (Health and Fitness)

You know what.. we live a stressful life. We have to go to schools, colleges, and universities, prepare exams, prepare presentations, and many more things you know very well about our hectic routine. In this routine, we need to fully focus on our diet. Nowadays we changed our lifestyle, our eating habits, and the main reason is we are prone to eating junk food e.g harms burgers, fries and bakery products rather than eating homemade healthy food.

(Health and Fitness)

Unhealthy eating can be deleterious for our health. We should eat healthy commodities rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and vitamins. It will help for body growth and development, boost immunity system, give energy, and also prevent various deleterious health issues. Water plays an important role in our healthy life.

What is Health and Fitness?



Organic food is highly recommended like pulses, fruits, and vegetables for a healthy diet. Daily exercises are also necessary like jogging, dancing, running and walking. Playing different types of outdoor games keep your body fit and healthy. Spending a lot of time outdoor inhaling fresh air, in the sun, and taking part in healthy activities.


Nowadays most people doing excessive exercise and skipping healthy meals to lose weight. Eating medicine, just one meal in a whole day, and a cup of soup will not help to maintain your body health and fitness. In this case, this diet plan will gain more weight and slow your metabolism, which will make you feel more stressed and tired.

So it is important to take regular healthy food at the appropriate time this is beneficial for your health.  Having a strong relationship between family members and friends circle spending time with them. Having someone to love and being loved.

Some Alternative Ways

Our busy lifestyle hampers our physique and diet. In this case, we use replacement ways to keep ourselves strong. E.g if we have no time to walk outside in the greenery place then substitute way to walk nearby places instead of using vehicles or using stairs instead of lifts.

Sleeping Requirements

Sleeping also plays an important role in our healthy lifestyle. Adults should get 6-9 hours of sleep. Children or teens should get 9.5 hours of sleep.

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