Health and Fitness Expo 2022

Health and Fitness Expo 2022

The health and fitness expo in Australia’s favorite health and fitness event displays the industry’s leading dealer. Meet up with companies and people change our whole approach to staying fit and healthy.

The health and fitness expo is the place to go for the latest in health, wellness, nutrition, education, psychology & much more. That’s why this is Australia’s favorite health and fitness event display of wellness solutions and learning for millions of health-conscious visitors.

Health, fitness & wellness companies are exhibiting at the show. Find the latest techniques and technologies.

Expo History

The Health and Wellness Expo shows started in 2000 with our absolute first occasion in Quite a while Vegas, NV. Our occasion that very year relocated to more than 16 states using public and nearby Medical and Homeopathic specialists to uncover, instruct and change our show participants lives.

Through this range of more than 21 years, new items, administrations, and advancements have kept on changing lives. The Health and Wellness Expo is excited to arrange and organize our occasions and carry these health events to urban areas across the USA.

Join the Health and Wellness Expo revolution!

Customers are required more options, better results & more healthy and active lifestyle. The health and fitness expo in Australia’s favorite health and fitness event displays the industry’s leading dealer. Meet up with companies and people change our whole approach to staying fit and healthy.

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Health is a start point of wellbeing. What’s more medical services presently regarding persistent infection as well as is turning out to be emphatically orientated to safeguard care. Learn more deeply about your wellbeing, how to lead a long and sound life and what your treatment choices are.

Australia’s Most Favourite Health And Fitness Expo Is Free To Attend!

healthwellnessfitnessexpo.com spend a fair amount guarantee our bodies are in strong form, though for this affair especially summon you to attend for free. A day out with your family, friends & your loved ones. The exhibitions are local area disapproved of occasions open to all ages, wellness and wellbeing levels. We invite every individual who might want to work on their wellbeing or more deeply study new items and administrations that have recently been delivered in the Industry.

All Health, Fitness & Wellness Expos are FREE confirmation and open from 10 am to 3 pm on a Sunday. Check every occasion page for dates and settings.

Workshops and Exhibitors

Communicate and learn with the industry with experienced vendors. Five hours they will share their products, knowledge, expertise, health, and understanding about how to become happier, fit & healthy. Different stalls and products are available at the expo.


My Best Self Gift Bags Free

To say thank you to a better you and for going to the exhibition we will gift the participants with “My Best Self” Show bags to bring home! Exhibition Prizes will likewise be accessible to win!

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Top Fitness Expo List 2022

Whatever you are a gym owner, fitness coach, personal trainer, or any other health and fitness professional. It is pretty important to keep up with the newest products, resources, trends, news &  technologies.

One of the most important procedures of keeping yourself renovated by taking part in fitness expo, fitness trade show, fitness equipment trade show & fitness conventions. Contributing with these fitness and health events will allow you to obtain new skills, grow your business and enlarge your network.

  1.     ACSM Internation Health And Fitness Summit 2022

ACSM (American college of sports medicine) discussion is held on every year in the spring. The goal of the discussion is to give information and then fitness and health professionals use it to enhance their work.  

ACSM American college of sports medicine summit wrapping different topics.

  •         Fitness management

  •         Professional development

  •         Exercise programming

  •         Worksite health promotion

  •         Trends in nutrition

  •         Physical activity for different age groups

  •         Behavior change and motivation

  •         Engagement through digital platforms

  •         Specialty workout

  •         Integrating exercise into treatment plans

Participants will get a chance to participate in various lectures and panel discussions wrapping a wide range of disciplines and topics.

ACSM American college of sports medicine summit will take place in Texas, Dallas on 31 March, and 3 April 2022. Enlistment is right now continuous.


  1.     Mind-Body Fitness Conference 2022

Mind-body fitness conference 2022 should be on your list, during this affair you will be joining a community of yoga from all over the world.

The conference brings together Second teachers, experienced yogis, First-time yoga learners, and other stakeholders in the wider yoga community.

Mind-body fitness conference 2022 will be held as follows.

  •         Palm spring, California in January
  •         Alexandria, Virginia in February
  •         Skokie, Illinois in March
  •         Pittsburg, PA in April
  •         Minneapolis, MN in June
  •         Boston and Woburn, MA in September
  •         Alexandira, VA in October

2022 Mind-body fitness conference gives a lot of training for participants. Enlistment is right now continuous.

  1.     The FitExpo Los Angeles 2022

The FitExpo Los Angeles 2022 will be a family-accommodating occasion, uniting wellness fans from all fields. As its name proposes, this wellness show will be held in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 8 & Sunday, January 9, 2022.

Members will meet and cooperate with wellness superstars and powerhouses, find new wellbeing, wellness & health items, appreciate free wellness classes, witness live wellness rivalries & partake in cooking demos, among different affairs.

Members of previous events have included powerlifters, muscle heads, karate fans, serious competitors, fitness coaches, bunch wellness mentors, and end of the week fighters, among others. What’s more, you can expect this forthcoming wellbeing and wellness event to draw in a comparable group.

  1.     2022 National Strength And Conditioning Association (NSCA) National Conference

If you are looking for inspiration, skills, education, fitness, conditioning, strength then you should not miss the chance to attend NSCA 2022 national conference. You will also get a chance to meet fitness experts. This affair will take place online and in-person on 6 July & 9 July.

  1.     IDEA Fitness Expo 2022

The IDEA World Virtual wellness exhibition returns in 2022. What’s more very much like past events, the exhibition will highlight featured experts drawn from practically all of the wellbeing and wellness industry.

Driven by the absolute most brilliant personalities in the wellbeing and wellness industry. Some topics that will be covered are as follows.

  •         Personal training techniques
  •         Nutrition and behavior change
  •         Training and exercise science
  •         mind and body
  •         Fitness business and professional development
  •         As well as training using specialized equipment

This event will take place between July 20 and July 24.

That’s all! Have fun and Learn… Thank you.

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